(b. 1449, Firenze, d. 1494, Firenze)

Adoration of the Magi

Fresco, width 450 cm
Cappella Tornabuoni, Santa Maria Novella, Florence

The Adoration of the Magi is on the third level of the left wall of the chapel. It is next to the equally large fresco the Slaughter of the Innocents.

"The fifth shows the coming of the Magi to Bethlehem with a number of men, horses, dromedaries and other things, a very well-arranged scene" (Vasari).

This scene, which has been severely damaged by damp, shows Mary and the Child in the centre with an arch above them. The latter is part of the ruins of a classical triumphal arch, such as Ghirlandaio had seen in Rome. The youngest king on the left is reverently removing his crown and is about to kneel and present his gift to the child. In the background is the king's retinue, which even includes a giraffe.

The fresco is shown before the recent restoration.