GONDOIN, Jacques
(b. 1737, Saint-Ouen, d. 1818, Paris)

Exterior view

École de Chirurgie, Paris

The École de Chirurgie is an example of the high standards of public architecture in the 1770s. The Paris-based institution intended its new building to raise the scientific reputation of surgery, for which a separate academy had been founded in 1731. Its architect, Jacques Gondoin, a friend of Piranesi, chose for his model the typical aristocratic town house (hôtel). However, in his thorough rethinking of the façades he broke with tradition and developed an influential new approach: the "screen" on the street front consisting of several rows of Ionic columns. The triumphal arch-style gateway is wholly incorporated into the colonnade which continues round the entire court in rigid uniformity.

The photo shows the entrance screen including triumphal arch.

View the ground plan of École de Chirurgie, Paris.