GRIGI, Guglielmo de'
(b. ca. 1480, Alzano, d. ca. 1550, Venezia)

Palazzo dei Camerlenghi: Façade

Canal Grande, Venice

This palace, which lies opposite the Ponte di Rialto, was one of the first buildings in Europe to be exclusively dedicated to offices. It takes its name from one of the financial and judicial offices which once occupied it, the Camerlenghi. It was designed by Guglielmo de' Grigi, who was inspired by the style of Mauro Codussi and Pietro Lombardo.

The palace is characterised by the white marble façade in Renaissance style. The uniformity of the cladding is marked by pilasters and entablature on which the windows with columns and round arches rest. The only decorative concessions are the frieze, carefully carved with garlands, and the medallions.

The building is one of the few palaces in Venice to be free on all sides.