GRIGI, Giovanni Giacomo de'
(active 1549, d. 1578, Venezia)

Palazzo Coccina Tiepolo Papadopoli: Façade

c. 1560
Canal Grande, Venice

The palace forms the counterpart to Michele Sanmicheli's Palazzo Grimani on the other side of the Grand Canal, begun in 1556 by Michele Sanmicheli and completed by Giovanni Giacomo de' Grigi. On the well-proportioned and classical façade, completely covered with Istria stone, we find the central three lancet windows of Sanmicheli, the side windows with triangular curved tympanum reminiscent of Palladio and the oval windows with cartouche frames typical of Jacopo Sansovino and Alessandro Vittoria.

The building was commissioned by the Coccina family from Bergamo, who were major art collectors. The palace later belonged to the Tiepolo family in the 18th century and then to the Aldobrandini-Papadopoli family in the 19th century.