GUARINI, Guarino
(b. 1624, Modena, d. 1683, Milano)

Santa Maria della Divina Provvidenza in Lisbon

Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles

The church of Santa Maria della Divina Provvidenza in Lisbon was erected from Guarini's design. Destroyed in the earthquake of 1755, this important church is known only from the engravings of the Architettura civile by Father Guarino Guarini, published in 1737. It contains the principles that inspired the work of Guarini.

This church has a longitudinal plan which derives from the traditional North Italian type showing a sequence of domed units which contain, in the zone of the vaulting, windows set into lunettes. Although Guarini's work must be regarded as essential for the development of German and Austrian Baroque, his longitudinal churches take up a place secondary in importance compared with his centralized buildings.

View the ground plan of the Santa Maria della Divina Provvidenza, Lisbon.