(recorded 1493-1526 in Strasbourg)

Leaning Bust of a Man

c. 1500
Polychrome limewood
Musée de l'Oeuvre Notre-Dame, Strasbourg

The popularity of the theme of the "leaning bust" was considerable among the followers of Nicolaus Gerhaert van Leyden. They seized above all on the anecdotal character of these "spectator" figures and lingered over the minute delineation of human features, sometimes almost trivially emphasized to the detriment of inner life. Expressive power prevailed in the work of Nikolas van Haguenau, who carried out varied and important works such as the altarpiece of the high altar of the cathedral in Strasbourg (1501), and who is credited with the carvings of the famous Isenheim altarpiece (Unterlinden Museum, Colmar).