HILDEBRANDT, Johann Lukas von
(b. 1668, Genova, d. 1745, Wien)

Exterior view

Palais Schwarzenberg, Vienna

Hildebrandt appreciated Fischer von Erlach's popular palace design, which he adapted in the garden palace of Mansfeld-Fondi (later Schwarzenberg palace), built in 1697. A central oval block, accessed by two flights of steps on the garden side, is flanked by a pair of wings.

Hildebrandt was unable to finish the building. Until 1716, when Prince Schwarzenberg acquired it, it remained a shell. Four years later, Fischer von Erlach was awarded the job of fitting out the now renamed Palais Schwarzenberg. Fischer altered the external appearance, replacing the ornate aedicules with round arches and making the articulatory features such as cornice and pilasters more prominent and three-dimensional. The decorative design typical of Hildebrandt, which included the oval central projection, was not implemented. Fischer moved the central oval forward as an independent and prominent architectural feature.

The picture shows the garden front of the palace.