HOLBEIN, Hans the Younger
(b. 1497, Augsburg, d. 1543, London)

Apollo and the Muses on Parnassus

Pen in black, over traces of black pencil, with gray, blue, and brown wash, 421 x 384 mm
Staatliche Museen, Berlin

The eve of Anne Boleyn's coronation on June l, 1533, was celebrated with a festive procession in London. To pay their respects to the new queen, the members of the German Steelyard in London had a display erected, on the basis of a design by Holbein, representing Mount Parnassus, on which Apollo sat in stately splendour under a baldacchino in the company of the Muses. The reports of various eyewitnesses survive, who were particularly impressed that the Helicon spring was a fountain from which real Rhine wine flowed until evening.