(b. 1669, Priego de Córdoba, d. 1725, Córdoba)

Interior view

begun 1718
Carthusian monastery, El Paular

In 1718, Hurtado designed another Sagrario, modeled on the Granada structure, for the Carthusian monastery of El Paular. Here the sanctuary - realized by Teodosio Sánchez de Rueda (1677-before 1731) - was divided into two areas. The marble and jasper tabernacle was set at the centre of the first area, an architectural caprice several storeys high, with four external piers and an internal ring of supports. The space behind this was lit by two circular windows over the upper cornice. The beams of light and the gilding of the retable provide a dramatic contrast with the darker sanctuary.

The sculptures are by Pedro Duque Cornejo.