(b. ca. 1490, Bruges, d. 1551, Bruges)

Virgin and Child Enthroned

Oil on oak panel, 77,5 x 56,5 cm
Private collection

This painting was discovered in 1989 and attributed to Isenbrant. It was carefully copied, albeit in a different style, from Memling's Berlin Virgin Enthroned. The figure has been copied from Memling's work by means of a punch-cardboard and the colours also correspond, which shows that the work was then still accessible in Bruges. Isenbrant carried out some adaptations in Renaissance style, turning the original open portico into a semi-circular niche with medallions, baluster columns and a solid stone throne. Moreover, the book of hours has been given sixteenth-century floral borders in the Ghent-Bruges style and the flat top of the panel changed into an ogive shape.

It is a remarkable example of the way in which Memling's compositions served as models until the sixteenth century.