JUANES, Juan de
(b. ca. 1523, Fuente de la Higuera, d. 1579, Bocairente)

The Last Supper

Panel, 116 x 191 cm
Museo del Prado, Madrid

During the second third of the sixteenth century, a number of Spanish painters fell heavily under the influence of Raphael. Typical in this respect, in Valencia, are the members of the Masip family: Vicente Masip and his son Juan Juanes (Vicente Juan Masip). The work of the latter, mostly later than 1550, is distinguished by a certain formalistic elaboration of the directions taken by his father, and is by no means lacking in grace or skill. Juan de Juanes was the creator of a group of models of Spanish piety. His work is harmonious, rythmically transparent and well designed. These characteristics are particularly evident in his more popular compositions, such as the Holy Family in the Academy of San Fernando, the Redeemer in Valencia, and the Last Supper in the Prado.