JUSSOW, Heinrich Christoph
(b. 1754, Kassel, d. 1825, Kassel)

General view

Castle of Löwenburg, Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel

Reviving the epoch of superstition, magic, ghosts and wandering knights was the intention of Landgrave Wilhelm IX of Hessen-Kassel when he commissioned Heinrich Christoph Jussow to construct the Löwenburg in the garden of the Kassel Schloss in 1791. Despite being built as an artificial ruin, and thus continuing an early-18th-century tradition of erecting "ruined" relics of ancient Roman architecture, Löwenburg offers in its interior the usual comforts of a princely country house.

The photo shows the artificial ruin and castle of Löwenburg.

View the ground plan of Castle of Löwenburg, Kassel.