General view

Sint-Lievensmonstertoren, Zierikzee

The Sint-Lievensmonstertoren (English: Saint-Livinus Monster Tower) is a 62 metre tall, unfinished, free standing church tower in Zierikzee, Netherlands. The accompanying church was destroyed by a fire in 1832.

In 1454 work started on a church tower, designed by Andries I Keldermans in the Brabantine Gothic style. It was planned to be, according to different sources, either 130 metres or 204 metres tall (the latter would have made it the tallest church tower in the world by far). The work was continued by his relatives Antoon I Keldermans and Rombout II Keldermans.

Work on the tower halted in 1530, when the city went through a financial crisis. The tower is now 62 metres tall. The name does not refer to monsters, but to a minster.