KLENZE, Leo von
(b. 1784, Schladen, d. 1864, München)


Königsplatz, Munich

In 1813, a competition was launched by King Ludwig II for the construction of the Glyptothek in Munich. The objective was to create a modern museum of art in an appropriate style with specific sequence of rooms and suitable lighting. Designs in different styles were submitted, and the king opted for Leo von Klenze's classical version with an Ionic octastyle and low side wings articulated by framed figural niches.

Georg Friedrich Ziebland built the art exhibition building opposite von Klenze's Glyptothek (1815-30) on Königsplatz in the same classical style in order to preserve the unity of the square. The square was finally completed by the Doric/Egyptian propylaeum designed by von Klenze in 1846-53.

The photo shows the main façade of the Glyptothek on Königsplatz in Munich.