LA FOSSE, Charles de
(b. 1636, Paris, d. 1716, Paris)

Apollo in his Chariot

Oil on canvas
Salon d'Apollon, Château, Versailles

During the later 1670s La Fosse was mainly occupied as the assistant of Le Brun, first at the Tuileries and then at Versailles, where he was responsible for part of the painted decoration in the Salon de Diane and for the whole of that in the Salon d'Apollon. Here his tendencies towards a light and rather free style were held in check by the control of Le Brun, and the panels which he painted for these rooms are the most classical works which he produced.

The picture shows the painted ceiling in the Salon of Apollo in the King's apartments at Versailles. It represents Apollo in his chariot, accompanied by the figure of France and the procession of the Seasons.