LEBARBIER, Jean-Jacques-François
(b. 1738, Rouen, d. 1826, Paris)

A Female Turkish Bath or Hammam

Oil on canvas, 85 x 130 cm
Private collection

This picture was painted to provide the design for an engraved plate to Ignatius Mouradgea d'Ohsson's Tableau Général de l'Empire Othoman. The Tableau Général de l'Empire Othoman describe the daily life, mores and legal system of the Ottoman Empire, lavishly illustrated with engravings after designs by the leading artists of the day in France. Through this work, published over many years in both folio and octavo editions, the enigmatic Baron D'Ohsson, born into a French-Armenian family, became a hugely influential figure in our understanding and appreciation of the culture of the Ottoman Empire.

The present painting served as the basis for Plate 13 in the first volume.