LENNÉ, Peter Joseph
(b. 1789, Bonn, d. 1866, Potsdam)

Lattice pavilion

Palace of Sanssouci, Potsdam

At the same time when Lenné worked on the Neue Garten, he tackled also the huge area of the park, which adjoined the terraces at the Palace of Sanssouci, changing it into a Romantic landscape garden. The appropriate buildings, like the Chinese teahouse built in 1754 by Johann Gottfried Büring or the Temple of Friendship built in 1768 by Carl von Gontard, were already standing, and Linné linked them with a system of paths to create the desired poetic prospects.

The photo shows one of the lattice pavilions at the Palace of Sanssouci. Golden suns decorate the lattice pavilions at both sides of the palace as symbols of the Enlightenment and humanity. They are also references to the secret society of Freemasons, of which Frederick the Great was a member.