(b. 1622, Frankfurt/Main, d. 1674, Amsterdam)

Bathing Gypsies

Oil on canvas
Öffentliche Kunstsammlung, Basel

Dutch artists of a younger generation continued working in Bamboccio's (Pieter van Laer's) style in Rome after he left. The most intriguing member of them is Lingelbach who is said to have arrived in Rome via France in 1644. He was certainly there by 1647, reported to have left in 1650, and is documented in Amsterdam in 1653. No work assigned to his Roman years is signed or documented. Nevertheless, more than a dozen have been ascribed to this phase of his activity on the basis of their style.

After his return to the Netherlands Lingelbach adds new motifs to his repertoire: equestrian scenes in sunny landscapes reminiscent of Wouverman, bright views of imaginary Italianate seaports, and 'piazzi' crowded with narrative detail.