LIPPI, Fra Filippo
(b. 1406, Firenze, d. 1469, Spoleto)

Funeral of St Jerome (detail)

c. 1460
Tempera on wood
Duomo, Prato

Donor portraits appear in Lippi's several religious representations, from his earliest works to his later altarpieces. In this case Geminiano Inghirami, Provost of the Pieve of Prato is portrayed at the left. He is shown in profile in the foreground before the bier upon which the dead saint lies. He kneels in supplication alongside a crippled youth who has come seeking a cure from the saint's body.

The Gerolomite brother at the left motions toward both the cripple and Inghirami in a gesture that recalls traditional saintly intercession directed toward a donor.