LONGHENA, Baldassare
(b. 1598, Venezia, d. 1682, Venezia)

Santa Maria di Nazareth: Façade

Fondamenta degli Scalzi, Venice

The church of Santa Maria di Nazareth, also known as the Scalzi, was designed by Baldassare Longhena between 1656 and 1672, and completed in 1680 by Giuseppe Sardi, who also designed the façade. The church was the seat in Venice of the Discalced Carmelites religious order (Scalzi in Italian means "barefoot").

This church appears in a way which has often been described as approaching the Roman style; it is therefore a moment of change in Longhena's language. That it was commissioned by the Carmelite Padre Giuseppe Pozzo, brother of the more famous Andrea Pozzo, was crucial and helped Longhena develop a particular style. In the interior the flavour of Rome in the mid-seventeenth century dominates.