(b. ca. 1280, Siena, d. 1348, Siena)

Madonna Enthroned with Angels

Tempera on wood, 145 x 122 cm
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

This altarpiece was painted for the church of San Francesco in Pistoia, where remained until 1799, to be transferred in the Uffizi Gallery. Among the latest work of Pietro Lorenzetti, the picture shows the tender motif of the silent colloquy that binds Mother and Child, which is characteristic of the style of other contemporary masters, as Giotto or the sculptor Giovanni Pisano. The predella paintings, described by Vasari, are lost.

The painting was restored several times since the 18th century, originally it was higher. The painting is signed and dated on the step of the throne: PETRUS LAURENTII DE SENIS ME PINXIT ANNO DOMINI MCCCXL.