LOTTO, Lorenzo
(b. ca. 1480, Venezia, d. 1556, Loreto)


c. 1511
Oil on wood, 300 x 203 cm
Pinacoteca Civica, Recanati

The Transfiguration Altarpiece was executed for the church Santa Maria di Castelnuovo at Recanati. The main panel remained on place until the end of the 19th century while the compartments of the predella ("three stories with small figures" according to Vasari) were dispersed. Two of them are identified as the Christ Leading the Apostles to Mount Tabor (Hermitage, St. Petersburg) and Assumption (Brera, Milan).

A disconcerting result of Lotto's stay in Rome, this altarpiece is certainly one of the painter's most questionable works. Having been impressed by his contact with the Roman masterpieces of Raphael and Michelangelo, Lotto suddenly decided to totally change his style, abandoning without hesitation the distinctive features of the first ten years of his career.