(b. 1556, Capolago, d. 1629, Roma)

St. Peter's: Façade

Piazza San Pietro, Rome

The façade designed by Maderno, is 115 metres wide and 46 metres high and is built of travertine stone, with a giant order of Corinthian columns and a central pediment rising in front of a tall attic surmounted by thirteen statues: Christ flanked by eleven of the Apostles (except Peter, whose statue is left of the stairs) and John the Baptist. The inscription below the cornice on the 1 metre tall frieze reads: "IN HONOREM PRINCIPIS APOST PAVLVS V BVRGHESIVS ROMANVS PONT MAX AN MDCXII PONT VII" (In honour of the Prince of Apostles, Paul V Borghese, a Roman, Supreme Pontiff, in the year 1612, the seventh of his pontificate).

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