(active 1500-1520 in Upper Hungary)

Altarpiece of St Barbara

Barbara Chapel, St Catherine Church, Besztercebánya (presently Banská Bystrica)

The altarpiece was probably executed by Master Paul of Lőcse. The central part of the altarpiece contains the figures of the Virgin (height 205 cm) with St Jerome (height 168 cm) on his right and St Barbara (height 178,5 cm) on his left. On the predella (72 x 222 cm) Christ among 14 helping saints are represented. The four reliefs on the open wings and four painted panels on the closed wings depict scenes from the life of saints. The size of the pictures is 130 x 86 cm each. The style of the paintings is close to that of Master M S. At top of the altarpiece figures of saints can be seen.