(beginning of 14th century)

Tomb of Don Sancho Saiz de Carillo (detail)

c. 1300
Tempera on wood, 51 x 86 cm
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona

The so-called Linear Style of the Gothic painting developed principally in the north of Spain, its straight lines and rigid figurative scheme recalling contemporary Romanesque Apocalypse manuscripts. The row of lamenting women on the ceiling of the tomb, now in Barcelona, of Sancho Saiz Carillo, a nobleman from Burgos, is Gothic only in that the figures are positioned in rows and overlap. The posture and gestures, even the physiognomies, are borrowed from a largely traditional style that still clearly bears signs of the Romanesque. The work's firm lines make it a particularly bold exmple of the Linear Style, which dominated Spanish painting in the years between 1290 and 1350.