(b. 1844, Sárbogárd, d. 1887, Jobbágyi)

Fishermen's Ferry at the River Tisza

Oil on canvas, 77 x 148 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

The fastidious style of Markó's followers influenced the subdued and refined lyricism of Géza Mészöly's landscapes. Mészöly spent two years in Vienna studying art, then devoted his entire life to the representation of the Hungarian plains. His pictures, painted with light brush strokes and patches of colour, lacked all definite contours; the waterfront landscapes - which he often depicted corresponded very well to this style. Fishermen's Ferry at the River Tisza is a characteristic example of his landscapes, in which, by emphasizing the atmospheric effects and the coloured shades, he got very near to plein air painting. Simple people, who are almost always present in his landscapes, symbolize the idyllic and devout connection between man and nature.