MUTTONI, Francesco
(b. 1669, Lacima, d. 1747, Vicenza)

Villa Loschi Zileri dal Verme: Exterior view

Biron di Monteviale

The present-day structure of the villa is the result of a series of renovations and expansions; the oldest remnants can be traced back to 1436 when Niccolò Loschi acquired the land and an existing structure that he expanded; other expansions occurred with the most significant at the end of the seventeenth century, a work by the architect Carlo Borella. The current structure recalls in part the grandiose design by Francesco Muttoni from 1729 which subsequently was modified by Ottone Calderari and others.

The villa consists of a main structure of three stories with eleven windows across and a central balcony surmounted by the Loschi family coat-of-arms. On the left side there is a large barchessa (farm support building) in the shape of a large L. To the east there are other buildings including a much smaller barchessa; to the west there are other service buildings, surrounding a courtyard. Surrounding the villa is a large park designed during the nineteenth century by Antonio Negrin. The villa changed ownership several times, this explains its names.

The interior has frescoes by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo in the grand staircase and the main hall.