(b. 1719, Arbury, d. 1806, Arbury)

Exterior view

Arbury Hall, Warwickshire

Sir Roger Newdigate rebuilt his country seat of Arbury Hall into one of the finest, though less well-known, Gothic monuments. It was a project that took 50 years to complete. Work began in 1748, and proceeded gradually. The first feature was a Gothic polygonal bay window on the south front. In 1755 the library was built, emulating that at Strawberry Hill, built shortly before by Horace Walpole. The hall in the centre of the south façade with its loping fan vaulting is based closely on Henry VII chapel at Westminster Abbey. The bow window in the drawing room of the east wing dates to the final phase of construction, being completed only in 1798.

The photo shows a view from the south-east.