PACKH, János
(b. 1796, Eisenstadt, d. 1839, Esztergom)

General view

Benedictine Archabbey, Pannonhalma

After the Benedictine Order was re-established in 1802, in the 1820a and 1830s several plans were drawn up for the full, large-scale reconstruction of the ancient archabbey in Pannonhalma. Precedents for the designs probably came from the monastery complexes of Austria and southern Germany. Working as a designer in the first stage of construction was Josef Franz Engel. Although he produced plans for the entire suite of buildings at Pannonhalma, only the library was constructed according to his concept in 1824-26.

When Engel died in 1827, responsibility for continuing the works was handed to János Packh, who devised a new plan, and the tower was built according to his revised design in 1828-32.