PECORARI, Francesco
(active 1300-1340 in Lombardy)

General view

Campanile, San Gottardo, Milan

The octagonal tower of San Gottardo is set on a rectangular stone base. There is great decorative sophistication in the enormously elongated and substantially free-standing angle columns that run the full height of the main drum. There is further evidence of sophistication in the proportions of the whole and in the severe control of details and of colour contrasts. In the main arcade an outer garland of columns stands on beams that jut out from an inner ring. The inner octagon is visible within three separate outer shells, each demarcated by their own columniation. This drum then rises to support the double columns of the open upper chamber, and a further simple cylinder supports the roof-cone. The final touch is provided by the way in which the lower windows spiral up the octagon to meet the circling upper openings.

The tower is inscribed in Latin: "Magister Franciscus de Pecoraris de Cremona fecit hoc opus".