(b. 1450, Citta della Pieve, d. 1523, Perugia)

The Family of the Madonna

Oil on wood, 296 x 259 cm
Musée des Beaux-Arts, Marseille

The 13 represented persons are (from the left, their name is indicated in the glory around the heads): Joseph, the small Joseph of Arimatea, Mary of Cleofa with Jacob the Less in her arms, Anne (on the throne with Mary and the Child), Simon and Thaddeus (below the throne), Mary Salome, wife of Zebedeus with the child John the Baptist in heer arms, the boy Jacob the Greater, and finally, Joachim.

The painting was commissioned by Angelo di Tommaso Conti for his private chapel in the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Perugia. It is signed on the base of the throne: PETRVS DE CHASTRO PLEBIS PINXIT.