(b. ca. 1315, Pisa, d. ca. 1368, Pisa)

Virgin and Child

c. 1348
Marble, height 125 cm
Santa Maria Novella, Florence

In the Virgin and Child, his first signed work, in Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Nino Pisano solved the problem of composing a figure in the round, avoiding a break in the axis of the figure by the use of a single, unified S-curve. With this statue, which is closely related to a statuette of the Virgin and Child in Detroit, Nino reached artistic maturity.

The works of Nino Pisano may be noted not for any absolute superiority but for their style. Nino was the only Tuscan sculptor of the period who tried to imitate the rather cloying sweetness found in some French Gothic Madonnas.

The work is signed at the base: HOC OPUS FECIT NINUS MAG[IST]RI ANDREE DE PISIS