POMPEI, Alessandro, Conte
(b. 1705, Verona, d. 1772, Garda)

Villa Pompei Carlotti: Façade

Illasi, Verona

The villa was rebuilt between 1731 and 1737 according to the design of the owner, Alessandro Pompei, a patrician from Verona and a remarkable intellectual, architect, and virtuoso painter. The imposing building conforms perfectly to eighteenth-century reinterpretations of Palladian dictates; the extended façade has at its centre a deep pronaos articulated by four enormous Tuscan columns supporting a canonical triangular pediment.

In 1738, after the reconstruction was completed, the brothers Alberto and Alessandro Pompei asked Antonio Balestra, a renowned Veronese painter and Alessandro's former teacher, to create frescoes for the vast main hall. The other spaces in the villa were decorated by Balestra's disciples.