(b. ca. 1484, Pordenone, d. 1539, Ferrara)


Cathedral, Cremona

Located on the inner façade of the cathedral, this is the most impressive of the murals of the Passion of Christ that were the contribution of Pordenone to the large-scale decorative cycle painted by various artists in Cremona cathedral. The ample space offered by the Romanesque building allowed Pordenone to give free rein to his violent, dramatic, and highly-charged theatrical vein. The composition has the air of a painterly whirlwind and was much appreciated by the public.

It was a fundamental departure from the traditional way that Calvary had previously been shown. The muggy, storm-laden atmosphere conjures up amazing effects of light.The three crosses are arranged in an asymmetrical fashion and are viewed from an angle.The crowd mills around uncomfortably and the dramatically foreshortened horses have an almost demonic look about them.The entire composition focuses around the tall mercenary at the centre. When he took over the job of painting the frescos in the cathedral of Cremona from Romanino, Pordenone revolutionized the local school.