PROCACCINI, Giulio Cesare
(b. 1574, Bologna, d. 1625, Milano)

Ecce Homo

Oil on canvas, 157 x 113 cm
Private collection

In 1602 Procaccini travelled to Venice, Parma and Central Italy to study and update his artistic knowledge. Upon his return to Milan, he immediately showed a decidedly mature and modern figurative language with respect to the Late Mannerist formulas that distinguished Milan's artistic milieu in the early seventeenth century. The present Ecce Homo is an immediate testimony of the painter's study journey. In-depth investigation of the work has revealed a series of models the artist evidently embraced during those travels. Procacciini's originality emerges above all in the irrepressible, ruddy figure of Pilate, whose uncommon vitality is rendered through the dense Venetian palette, and direct contact with the painting of Rubens.