PYNAS, Jacob Symonsz.
(b. ca. 1592, Amsterdam, d. after 1650, Delft)

Landscape with Mercury and Battus

Oil on canvas
Wiener collection, New York

The small group categorized as Pre-Rembrandtists includes Pieter Lastman (c. 1583-1633), Jan Pynas (1581/2-1631) and his younger brother Jacob (1592/95-after 1656), their brother-in-law Jan Tengnagel (1584-1635), Lastman's brother-in-law François Venant (1590/91-1636), and Claes Moeyaert (1590/91-1655).

The Pynas brothers are known to have signed their works 'J. Pynas' or with a monogram and this has not simplified the problem of separating their hands. History paintings by Jacob Pynas are of two types: dynamic compositions with large Lastman-like figures and works that appear at first blush to be landscapes until one discovers small biblical or mythological scenes in them. The latter works carry on the traditions of Elsheimer and Bril.