(b. ca. 1460, Osterode, d. 1531, Würzburg)

Mary's Altar

Herrgottskirche, Creglingen am Tauber

First a stone altar was erected at the place of the legendary discovery of a host. Riemenschneider's retable of Mary was set up on the stone altar much later at the beginning of the 16th century. Riemenschneider formed the external structure in the shape of a late Gothic monstrance. The shrine is made of pinewood, the sculptures are of softer limewood.

In the centre shrine you is the main scene: the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin who is surrounded by the twelve apostles. The coronation of Virgin Mary is represented in the superstructure above the shrine. At the top of the altar the risen Christ as the Man of Sorrows is represented.

The side panels show scenes from Mary's life: the Annunciation (bottom left), the Visitation (top left), the Nativity (top right) and the Presentation in the Temple (bottom right).. Above there is the so-called Visitation where Mary meets Elizabeth. The upper relief on the right wing shows Christ's birth and below the Presentation of Child Jesus in the temple.

In the niches of the predella the Adoration of the Magi (left) and Christ among the Doctors (right) can be seen. In the latter scene Riemenschneider has portrayed himself, sitting at Jesus' feet in medieval clothing.