(b. ca. 1460, Osterode, d. 1531, Würzburg)

Mary's Altar

Herrgottskirche, Creglingen am Tauber

Tilman Riemenschneider came from Osterode in the Harz district and was trained in Swabia; he had been a painter before settling in Würzburg. There he was made Master in charge of the Building, then mayor of the town ; he was later removed from office and persecuted for having sided with the people during the Peasants' Revolt. His work comprises tombs, statues and furniture as well as church decoration. The Creglingen altarpiece is one of the last of those thorny, visionary compositions of the German Flamboyant Gothic style, and Riemenschneider was in fact the last of the great German altarpiece sculptors.