(b. 1861, Kaposvár, d. 1927, Kaposvár)

Girl with Cage

Oil on canvas, 186 x 131 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

Delicate art, harmonious colours and a composition delicately balanced characterize this picture, an outstanding one in the "black" period of Neuilly. The slim silhouette of a standing woman is in an interior painted in different shades of green. She leans slightly backwards with the cage in the hand, the unbalanced movement responds to vague colours blurred. In the artificial light suggesting a room, objects can be sensed in vague contours, but the profile and the hands of the woman holding the cage are surprisingly white against the dark background. Colours and patches are blurred and recall abstract compositions of art nouveau. The "quiet and serious, often sad" atmosphere of timeless moment dominates Rippl's art nouveau. Space only suggested, the graceful gesture of a figure deprived of plasticity and the delicate sensuality of colours close to one another in shades indicate Rippl's individual style analysis and decorative world of forms.