(b. 1861, Kaposvár, d. 1927, Kaposvár)

Father and Uncle Piacsek Drinking Red Wine

Oil on cardboard, 68 x 100 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

The picture represents a major milestone in Rippl's oevre where two periods meet: elements of intimate interior pictures and those of the next decorative period with corn are present. There is a constant figure of interior pictures: a old man smoking the pipe while he is meditating. He is present in this picture, too, he is sitting by the artist's father lost in thoughts. Unlike his previous pictures showing interiors, he limits space and does not show details, only relevant things. It integrates less formal pictures arresting emotions and atmospheres with pictures of strict composition.

In the case of this picture everything is planned, colours and figures serve the unity of the composition. Spots and patches painted with wide brushstrokes can be seen in the figure of Uncle Piacsek and the lively yellow of the plain background. Neither the new technique, nor the noisy colours (yellow wall, burning-red table-cloth) serve unrestrained decorativity, they balance the strict composition. This is why an armchair with blue striped cover and a green cover are placed on both sides by the yellow background. The wine-jug and the two glasses have the same function in composition.