(b. 1447, Ferrara, d. 1516, Ferrara)

Plan of Ferrara (detail)

Biblioteca Estense, Modena

In 1492 Rossetti was assigned the project of enlarging the city of Ferrara. He designed one of the most spectacular urban developments of the fifteenth century, the Addizione Erculea, the northern extension of the city that more than doubled its area, complete with the Piazza Nuova and the intersection of the Via Prione and Via degli Angeli. Rossetti himself designed here four churches and eight palazzi, including the Palazzo dei Diamanti.

The Addizione Erculea (Erculean Addition) is celebrated as an example of Renaissance urban planning. The engraving by Andrea Bolsoni (1689-1760) from 1747 shows part of the plan and elevation of the city of Ferrara: the Addizione Erculea with the church and monastery of San Benedetto.