ROSSI, Giovan Antonio de'
(b. 1616, Roma, d. 1695, Roma)

Exterior view

Palazzo Altieri, Rome

The Palazzo Altieri in the Piazza del Gesù was the home of the Altieri, one of the prominent families in Rome claiming to be descended from Roman nobility, and included Pope Clement X (reigned 1670-1676). When Giambattista Altieri was elevated to cardinal by Pope Urban VIII, he decided his existing house was not impressive enough; not befitting his new title so in 1650 he commissioned Giovan Antonio de' Rossi to begin renovations at the site.

The palazzo is De' Rossi's most extensive work. The new parts continue the earlier scheme but remain architecturally unobtrusive, so that the older palace stands out unimpaired as the principal building