ROSSI, Giovan Antonio de'
(b. 1616, Roma, d. 1695, Roma)

Exterior view

Palazzo Bonaparte, Rome

The Palazzo Bonaparte (now Palazzo Misciatelli) stands at the end of the Via del Corso nearest Piazza Venezia. It was built by Giovan Antonio de' Rossi and belonged successively to the D'Aste, the Rinuccini, the Misciattelli, and finally to the mother of Napoleon I, Maria Letizia Ramorino Bonaparte, who lived here until her death in 1836 during her exile from France after the fall of her son.

This palace is the most accomplished example of the architect's mature manner. Designed as a free-standing block, the palace is essentially a revision of the traditional Roman type.

The three story palace has an elegant architecture with gable windows. It is characterized by a covered balcony on the first floor, one of the few still surviving, called "dice box", and by a high belvedere where you can read "Bonaparte".