(b. 1494, Firenze, d. 1540, Paris)

Marriage of the Virgin

Oil on wood, 325 x 250 cm
San Lorenzo, Florence

The painting was executed on the commission of Carlo Ginori for the chapel dedicated to Mary and Joseph in the church of San Lorenzo in Florence. The name of the artist, "Rubeus Florentino", is included among the letters of the first line of the second paragraph of the text which the saint marks with her finger, and also clearly written, together with the date of execution, on the step beneath the figure of the priest.

Like the Dei Altarpiece, this painting is another example of moderation compared to the formal boldness of the works belonging to the early Florentine period and the sojourn in Volterra. The composition takes up some figurative ideas from the frescoes of Pontormo and Franciabigio in the Chiostrino dei Voti in Santissima Annunziata.