RUSCONI, Giovanni Antonio
(b. ca. 1520, Como, d. 1587, Venezia)

Interior view

Sala del Collegio, Palazzo Ducale, Venice

The Sala del Collegio (the Hall of the College) was the room where foreign delegations or important, famous personages were received and granted an audience by the College, a magistracy composed of the doge and six councilors. The hall was completely redecorated after the fire in 1574. The renovated gilded ceiling frames a series of works by Veronese between 1578 and 1582.

There is a marked contrast between the restrained, classical wall paneling and the richly coffered gilded ceiling, with panel paintings by Veronese and his school. Rusconi's precise contribution to the three rooms is difficult to define, although as proto he must have exercised considerable control, and he was probably also responsible for dictating the style of the ceilings, which foreshadow the Baroque.