SAMBIN, Hugues
(b. ca. 1520, Gray, d. 1601, Dijon)

Exterior view

c. 1561
Maison Milsand, Dijon

In the second half of the sixteenth century, in the provinces we find movements parallel with those taking place in Paris, but with local variations. Generally speaking, provincial architects of this period indulge in a great variety of surface effects, particularly through rustication and high relief sculpture. It reached its finest expression in Burgundy in the hands of Hugues Sambin and his school. The most famous example of this manner is the Maison Milsand in Dijon, which shows admirably the free use of fanciful sculpture on a small façade.

The Milsand House was built in 1561 for Jean Maillard (mayor of Dijon from 1560 to 1561). The upper level of the richly carved façade and the façade of the backyard are attributed to the Burgundian architect and sculptor Hugues Sambin.