SANFELICE, Ferdinando
(b. 1675, Napoli, d. 1748, Napoli)

Exterior view

Palazzo Serra di Cassano, Naples

One of the most distinguished among the palaces attributed to Sanfelice, is the Palazzo Serra di Cassano, a long structure on sloping ground with a front of sixteen bays. The rhythm given to the façade is typical of Sanfelice's free handling of the tradition. Giant pilasters over the rusticated ground floor frame the first, fifth, twelfth and sixteenth bays, some of the bays are evenly spaced without orders, while others are grouped together as trios. The main glory, however, of this and other palaces by Sanfelice is the monumental staircase, which ascends in two parallel flights, each of which returns, forming a complicated system of bridges in a large vaulted vestibule.

The photo shows the façade of Palazzo Serra di Cassano.