(b. 1484, Verona, d. 1559, Verona)

Palazzo Grimani: Façade

Canal Grande, Venice

This palace was commissioned from Michele Sanmicheli by Girolamo Grimani, a magistrate and knight of San Marco. Work started in 1561 and was completed in 1575, following the death of Sanmicheli, who was first replaced by Guglielmo de' Grigi, and then by Gian Antonio Rusconi.

The façade is divided into three in the traditional way with strong horizontal bands and is marked by a series of three-mullioned central-arch windows. The ground floor is made up of an enormous triumphal arch portal. It is divided by fluted pilasters, while the two upper floors are divided by twin columns. All the columns and pilasters have Corinthian capitals.

The building represents an important approach of Venetian building towards the classical architecture.