SCHLAUN, Johann Conrad
(b. 1695, Paderborn, d. 1773, Münster)

General view

Clemenswerth hunting lodge, near Sögel

Between 1736 and 1751, Schlaun was given a large commission by Elector Clemens August, the hunting lodge at Clemenswerth, Hummling near Sögel, north of Osnabrück. He chose as his basic inspiration the pagoda castle in the park at Nymphenburg palace, near Munich. He also took elements from Marly-le-Roy and the hunting lodge at Bouchefort near Brussels. The result far surpassed all these models. The graceful architectural lines of the two-storey lodge are constructed in red brick, articulated with light-coloured limestone on a cruciform ground plan. The tones of the structure contrast with the green of the lawn around. Located at the focal point of eight paths, the lodge is sparingly ornamented. At the angles of the paths stand eight pavilions with a small chapel behind and other working buildings.

The picture shows a view towards house and service building.