(b. ca. 1450, Colmar, d. 1494, Colmar)

Christ before Pilate

Oil on fir panel, 37 x 20 cm
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Two paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Christ before Pilate and The Resurrection, most likely once formed the recto and verso of the same panel. They probably belonged to a house altarpiece of the Passion of Christ that consisted of a central sculpture depicting the Crucifixion flanked by wings with four scenes, each painted on both sides.

Two other double-sided panels in private collections were associated with this house altarpiece. The fourth panel is missing. The compositions of the Passion scenes in the altarpiece derive generally from Martin Schongauer's widely distributed engravings. However, they are not exact copies, and it is quite likely that Ludwig made freely adapted drawings after Martin's engravings as a starting point for his own paintings. Eight such drawings are convincingly attributed to Ludwig.